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This blog is inspired by the rich cluture and food found in Penang, an island in Malaysia known as the Pearl of the Orient. The author of this blog is Japanese influenced and she enjoys travelling, cooking and ofcourse, eating.

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I'm a little plump rabbit who lives in Penang. I hop around with a camera round my neck snapping photos of Penang and foodstuffs. If you meet a rabbit like that in Penang, that should be me ; )

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jiffy Tom Yam Fried Rice

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Since the beginning of the year, I've been super busy planning and carrying out my projects. To make things worse, I've also been bogged down by system problems. Life hadn't been easy for me this month. Nevertheless, I will faithfully update this blog from time to time...

As a busy person, I am really grateful of advent of instant foods. A couple of weeks ago, I made Tom Yam fried rice for my family. I used leftover rice, some prawns, frozen mix vege, shredded wild ginger flower and kaffir lime leaves to come up with a really appetizing fried fried rice. As for the Tom Yam flavouring, I used Maggi Tom Yam paste (which cost only 80 cents per sachet). You don't have to use Maggi. You can use any other brands like Adabi, Peace brand etc... The whole process was really quick and easy. All you need to do is just heat up the wok, add a little oil and cook the prawn or meat until just cooked, then, add in the Tom Yam paste, followed by the rice and the rest of the ingredients. Adjust the seasoning with a little sugar, salt and Thai fish sauce. The result was really tasty!

I bought some mango kerabu from an ecomony rice stall to go with the fried rice .I also served the rice with some lime wedges. My family really liked the meal a lot and they gave it a thumbs up. By the way, Hay Hay It's Donna Day #2 starts tomorrow and I've recieved some early bird entries already. I can't wait to see all your wonderful entries and thank you for participating!


Anonymous Rorie said...

Sounds yummy .. I love anything with ginger and kaffir lime! Hope next month is better than last!

Sunday, 22 January, 2006  
Blogger Jellyfish said...

bogged down by system problems?

hope u r all rite :)

Sunday, 22 January, 2006  
Blogger Lucia Lai said...

i love anything with tom yam in it, and i love fried rice, so tom yam fried rice is just nice for me.

my mum likes to cook tom yam fried bee hoon with the tom yam paste. although she only add prawns and carrot, her tom yam fried bee hoon had become a popular dish among us church members during fellowship.

i guess the way you cook this tom yam fried rice (with all the ingredients can be use for bee hoon too.

Sunday, 22 January, 2006  
Blogger fooDcrazEE said...


When u wanna cook for us ?

Tuesday, 24 January, 2006  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Poor thing! Hope you get to take a break for New Year. The fried rice and mango kerabu looks good.

Tuesday, 24 January, 2006  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Thanks for the wishes. I hope so too : )

Thanks. So busylah. I think you can relate to my experience cos your occupation is also from the computer side right?

Thanks for dropping by : ). Your mum's tom yam fried bee hoon sounds yummy. I love tom yam...

No-lah, you are the one who should cook for us!

Thanks. Got some rest already during the Chinese New Year break. Hopefully things will be better next month... hope...

Monday, 30 January, 2006  
Anonymous Celia said...

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Wednesday, 18 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the papaya in that photo looked too ripe.. you need a younger one, that doesnt have that yellow colour in it. its more easier to eat. and traditionally tom yam is made that way

Saturday, 28 April, 2007  
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Friday, 14 March, 2008  
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