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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Chicken Salad with Apple, Celery and Rosemary

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I think I must have gone nuts. I have a major presentation due tomorrow and here I am blogging away about something I cooked during the weekend. Anyway, I went shopping at Giant in Penang Plaza the weekend before and I came across something interesting at the veggie corner. Fresh herbs! Grown locally by Genting Garden at Genting Highlands and I think that's why it was very affordable too, at only RM1.99 per packet.

There were a few choices to choose from, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary and a few others. I decided to buy a packet of rosemary. It smelled great! I was so excited and delighted with the buy that as soon as I got home, I quickly stored the herb in my fridge to preserve it's freshness. This is not a good sign. Stuffs that goes in the fridge are almost always quickly forgotten and later end up being burdensome. I often find myself in a situation where I had to force myself to cook the something before it spoils. And this is exactly what happened to the poor rosemary when I found it last weekend...

I didn't have any good recipes for rosemary at hand, so I decided to do a search on the Internet. Went to Google Search and typed in "rosemary + recipe" and the results came out. I thought the recipe in the first result sounded quick and easy so I off I went into the kitchen to fix it.

The recipe was from The Gourmet Connection Magazine Archive. It's called Chicken Salad with Rosemary. When I told my siblings that I'd be making this and that the recipe also calls for celery, one of them said, hey, I heard celery goes well with apples so why don't you throw some in. I said okay and did what she said, I lessen the celery and added in some apple cubes. The recipe also calls for sour cream which I did not have so, I just substituted it with a bit more mayonnaise and added a twist of lemon... and voila! I have my own version of the salad and the taste was not too bad.

The salad earned a rating of 7 over 10 with additional comments that it would have taste better if the celery had been more thinly sliced. In normal occassion, my siblings would usually run away from veggies like celery. I did not know why they were so willing to eat it this time. I guess it must be the recipe! Yeah!


Anonymous Rorie said...

Hi there! I have just tagged you for the You Are What You Eat Meme ... can't wait to read your list! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog - I am adding you to my list of links!

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger Jellyfish said...

saliva dripping again =P~

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger chanit said...

glutton rabbit Hi !
Can I tell you a secrect?...

I love good food, nice pictures and some humor.. I found all the 3 in your Blog ! Thank you :-)

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmh, this looks fine and fresh! The picture is also very apetizing...

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

yummy! love fresh herbs. i did once with tarragon but grilled chicken salad. Something different. maybe we can exchange menu.

U r indeed a CHEF now Rabbit!

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger day-dreamer said...

I want! I want! I want! I want!

Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Blogger rokh said...

i roasted chicken with rosemary too! yum yum

Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Blogger Jellyfish said...

i share share with day-dreamer :P

Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Blogger Chen said...

Wonder how your chicken salad with apple, celery & rosemary taste like :P
Looks very yummy...

Friday, 09 December, 2005  
Blogger day-dreamer said...

Jellyfish so besar makan, if I share with him I sure don't get much one. Unless it's crabs. Because he uses cutlery to eat it, so like Chen said, when people eat two or three pieces, he only eat one.

Friday, 09 December, 2005  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Oh boy, think I'm gonna love this Meme. Can't wait to get it posted ; )). Thanks for adding me to your link!

Hai! I'm gonna tag you for a meme soon. Better get ready ;p. Share?Hey, better don't kacau Dreamer lar. She's still studying you know. Later if she gets dreaming about you susahlah...

Thanks for dropping by and for giving such nice compliments! You've made me so happy ; )

Thanks. Maybe I'll try your lemon chicken recipe one day ; ). My sister love lemon chicken...

Sure thing! I would love to know your recipe. I am not too familiar with tarragon though and would love to find out more... such a great chef you are - sifu.

So cute, I want I want... hehe. Study pandai-pandai. Earn lots of $$$ next time can come to my restaurant. Haha...

I'm glad you like the salad. It's quite tasty but most important, it's healthy stuff too. Suitable for you ;)))...

Saturday, 10 December, 2005  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Yeah, I always buy herbs and also forget abt them in the fridge. Great salad Rabbit - I never thought of using it in a salad before.

Saturday, 10 December, 2005  

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