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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Glutton Rabbit & the Amazing Juggling Act

I’ve been a bit busy with work (real work, not cooking) lately. That’s why my post is coming in kind of slow this week. All the while I've been doing a juggling act of balancing work, cooking and blogging. Work is getting a bit hectic lately and I'm beginning to feel a bit weak. Next week alone, I am scheduled to conduct a string of training and the week after that, I get to do presentation in front of the big boss from Europe. Oh how I dread the very thought of work…

Wouldn't be lovely if I had been conducting a cooking class and cooking show instead? Anyway, for those who don't already know, Glutton Rabbit aspires to be a professional cook although in reality she works with systems. Just recently, she decided to do something about her dream by doing a self study to pickup essential skills and knowledge on how to become a professional chef...
I just a self study just now and would like to share with you about something interesting findings from Own Cooking (my cooking text book), Chapter 1, under the sub topic called ‘The Professional Chef’. It goes...

“Although there is no one recipe for producing a good professional chef, we believe that with knowledge, skill, taste, judgment, dedication and pride a student chef will mature into a professional chef.”

As I read on, there was one part that really sank in…

“Dedication. Becoming a chef is hard work; so is being one. The work is physically taxing, the hours are usually long and the pace is frequently hectic. Despite these pressures, the chef is expected to efficiently produce consistently fine foods that are properly prepared, seasoned, garnished and presented. To do so the chef must be dedicated to the job. The dedicated chef should never falter…”

The part that "becoming a chef is hard work" keeps echoing in my mind. Wonder if I’ve over worked myself. Hadn't been feeling very well lately and had recently delevoped a bit of a back ache too. But I don't care! I really love cooking so much!... Wonder how long this Rabbit can keep up with her juggling act?


Blogger day-dreamer said...

I wish you all the best. 加油加油加油!

By the way, don't juggle till you fall down! *winks*

Wednesday, 23 November, 2005  
Blogger humblewarrior said...

Don't over work/cook/blog. Do take good care of yourself. We all still free samples, =)

Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger grace said...

Hmm.. we do have the same idea! and probably we are on the same wavelength huh!


Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger boo_licious said...

poor rabbit - I know! Sometimes I also don't have enough time for everything but I force myself to get it done. Don't juggle so hard that you fall sick - nowadays rainy weather.

Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger babe_kl said...

Wish you all the luck. Maybe you can find out more on how the actual life of a chef from foodcrazee. Take care ok...

Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger NKW said...

very nice of you to have a dream...

while many can only dream and let the dream linger... you actually took steps to achieve it.. all the best... :)

anyways, i enjoy your food blog a lot.. hope to see new ones sometime soon... :)

take care

Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger Tibbar de Gniw said...

Uh... glutton rabbit? I don't think you can become a chef, because to me, you already are!

You go!
(and if after all the offers you still need an extra taster, notify me.)

Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger Jellyfish said...

all the best!!

hmmm... my commets are keep on missing from the blogs tat i've commented.

so strange!!!
ala guai yer...... hehe

p/s: fall down liao, still got jellybalm to revive

Thursday, 24 November, 2005  
Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

Rabbit....good of you to want to be a professional chef..u will need at least 10 yrs of hard work to start with...knowledge and the application is important too....fist you have to know the basic like all the cooking method, all sorts of ingredients, nutritional value, etc.. Not trying to pull you down but it ont be, KEEP UP THE GOOD have done so far... u r already a chef.....but professional chef needs to know much more including planning, designing, etc. Som ur knowledge of the systems application comes in handy too.

Friday, 25 November, 2005  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Dear friends,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement :..). I know it won't be easy and I may not even end up being a professional chef. But I will try certainly try to be the best cook that I can be even if it is just for myself... zzzz *lack of sleep now due to working overtime*... thanks again...

Friday, 25 November, 2005  
Blogger rokh said...

keep it up. nothing is easy but once you achieve it, its heaven!

Saturday, 26 November, 2005  

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