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This blog is inspired by the rich cluture and food found in Penang, an island in Malaysia known as the Pearl of the Orient. The author of this blog is Japanese influenced and she enjoys travelling, cooking and ofcourse, eating.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yam-cha at Maxim in Sungai Dua…

We went for ‘yam-cha’ at Maxim in Sungai Dua area this morning. Yam-cha the Cantonese word for drinking Chinese tea actually means more than that. It describes the whole event of having dimsum and drinking tea (including reading newspapers or bringing along your pet birdie in a cage) for breakfast at the dimsum restaurant. The newspaper and pet birdie scene is pretty common in Hong Kong flicks.

Dimsum are dainty pieces of food served in small dishes. Dimsum originated from China and made was popular by Hong Kong. I think that’s why most of the dimsum names are in Cantonese (Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong)…

There are various types of dimsum and the variety is endless as chefs keep coming up with new recipes. Each restaurant may have their own specialties, but you can find the standard ones like ‘shu-mai’ (steamed pork dumplings), ‘har-kow’ (steamed prawn dumplings), ‘char-siew bao’ (steamed bbq pork buns), ‘lobak kow’ (fried carrot cake), ‘loh-mai kai’ (glutionous rice with chicken) and ‘tan tat’ (egg tart) in almost all dimsum restaurants.

Apart from dimsum, restaurants may also serve other dishes like noodles and porridge. Truly a heavy breakfast indeedy…


Blogger Chen said...

From your eating experience, which place in Penang serves the best dim sum? ;)

Monday, 19 September, 2005  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Doc, I seldom eat dimsum. But I like the one at Sg Ara called Jideshi (or something). This restaurant used to be opposite Sunshine Square. It was previously called Kei Tuck Sek... and you any place to recommend?

Saturday, 01 October, 2005  

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