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Sunday, August 07, 2005

One ton me? Help! I'm obese!

"One ton me" sounds like I'm being overweight, but it actually how you pronounce the Chinese noodle dish in Hokkien dailect. Wonton noodles or 'wantan mi' is also known to some as 'tok tok mi' or 'kon lo mi', is a very common hawker fare. You can find it at amost everywhere in Penang. It cost around RM 2.50 per plate.

The dish consist of noodles served with wonton (pork dumplings), slices of ‘char siew’ (barbecued pork), boiled spinach and pickled green chillies. The noodles are seasoned with dark soy sauce and sesame oil.

There is also a soup type of wonton noodles whereby the noodles are served in clear chicken broth.

But I don't quite like it that way, I like my noodles dry and dark with extra fried wonton and char siew. By the way, I had some for breakfast this morning. Yummies! I think I can have another one for dinner!


Blogger Chen said...

The best wan tan mee that I have tasted so far is the one served nearby the GHKL, next to the MMA building :)
Haven't eat from that stall already since my graduation in 1998.. I really missed the wan tan mee there.. So yummy & so delicious..

I went back to KL few weeks ago.. Passed by there as well.. Apparently the stall is still there, but it's closed that particular evening :(
So sad...

Monday, 19 September, 2005  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

I think the best wantan mee is at Poly, Pulau Tikus (opposite Bee Cheng Hiang). The sign of the stall reads "One Ton" mee...hehe

Saturday, 01 October, 2005  

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