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This blog is inspired by the rich cluture and food found in Penang, an island in Malaysia known as the Pearl of the Orient. The author of this blog is Japanese influenced and she enjoys travelling, cooking and ofcourse, eating.

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I'm a little plump rabbit who lives in Penang. I hop around with a camera round my neck snapping photos of Penang and foodstuffs. If you meet a rabbit like that in Penang, that should be me ; )

Monday, August 08, 2005

Golden brown and crispy Lor-bak

Mom cooked some ‘lor-bak’ for dinner. It's a typical Nonya dish.
It is made of strips of pork (or minced pork), seasoned with five spice powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, some mince garlic and onions, rolled up in beancurd skins. The best part is - it is deep fried till golden brown and crispy.
It's served with dipping sauce too. That's where it got it's name 'lor' which means sauce and 'bak' means meat. By the way, lor-bak is a Hokkien word.
Lor-bak stalls are everywhere in Penang. Should try it next time when you visit Penang. Believe me, it’s good stuff.

So, just now, mom helped me to garnish the lor-bak all pretty so that I can snap a photo of it and put it on my blog. I guess she must be feeling really proud now cos her lor-bak got on the Internet…


Blogger Chen said...

Your mum's lor bak looks very yummy & delicious :) Wonder if I have the opportunity to taste it some day in the future? ;)

Monday, 19 September, 2005  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Doc, thank you. Yes, maybe one day...haha You so like lor-bak hor.

Saturday, 01 October, 2005  

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