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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dimsum vs Sushi. Ready? Fight!

Have it ever cross your mind that both sushi and dimsum somehow similar yet totally different?

Dimsum called ‘tenshiin’ in Japanese, kind of reminds me of sushi. Allow me to make a comparison ; ). Both are small and dainty foods served in little plates and both are pretty pricey $$. Very much like sushi, dimsums are charged according to plate types too for example RM 2 per plate for common ones and RM4 for special ones (price vary from restaurant to restaurants). Fried and baked dimsums are usually the dearer ones.

But, unlike sushi which can be eaten at anytime of the day, dimsum are usually taken for breakfast. Sushi is commonly served on a ‘kaiten’ (conveyor belt) whereas dimsum in a little cart pushed from table to table.

Another difference is that dimsum are way unhealthy for the health (this is sad ain’t it? Makes me feel like crying when I say it out) as compared to sushi which is suppose to be healthy lifestyle food. Why?! Reports say dimsum is high in fat and cholesterol due to it’s oily ingredients such as lard. Sushi on the other hand, is low in fat, rich in omega3 fatty acid (found in fishes) and nori seaweed is rich with vitamins and minerals like calcium, zink and iodine.

I think I might as well draw out a table to make the comparison clearer.


Blogger Chen said...

I do agree with your comment that dim sum is unhealthy :D I personally prefer to eat sushi more compared to eating dim sum ;)

Monday, 19 September, 2005  
Blogger glutton rabbit said...

Doc, sushi is becoming a health food. I really love sushi...

Saturday, 01 October, 2005  

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